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Pragmatic and Agile
We are software developers who would like to share our international network of creative and distinguished developers with you, and we have therefore invited them to Øredev 2007. We have our roots deep down in software development and we love learning about new development methods and technologies.

This year Øredev will have more than 100 seminars and workshops plus a Scrum Certification Course, everything presented by more than 80 internationally renowned speakers.

We have now decided to have eight parallel tracks during Øredev 2007; Java, .NET, Methods & Tools, Test, Embedded System, Project Management, Architecture and User Experience.

PDUs for PMPs'
Participants will earn the indicated number of PDUs upon participation in seminars/workshops on the Project Management track and sessions based on methods and case studies. Participants will also earn PDUs for completing the Scrum Certification Course.

More information of this year's conference will be posted here.

Viddler Movie


Program changes

Unfortunately Ron Jacobs and Jack Ganssle will not be able to come to the conference due to family emergencies. We have replaced one of Ron Jacobs seminars with Michel Baladi of Baladi Software. Floyd Marinescou, InfoQ, will do live interviews on stage instead of Ron Jacobs.

Cristian Streng, Moble GMap, will replace Jack Ganssle's seminar and we are still working on replacing his workshop.

Michael Feather's workshop has been replaced with a workshop by Kevlin Henney, Curbralan. Kevlin's workshop is called "Programmer's Dozen: Thirteen Recommendations for Reviewing, Refactoring and Regaining Control of Java Code".
Please note that Michael Feather will still participate and deliver his seminars as planned.

Øredev is an independent conference where we are mixing open source software with proprietary software, Java with .Net, small companies with multi-national companies, agile as well as pragmatic ones, but with one thing in common: They are all very experienced.

Øredev Extended - 11 more seminars attend to
We have decided to merge Øredev Extended with Øredev. This year we will also have a special program for Managers within the IT line of Business with two parallel tracks "Future & Trends" and "Case studies" - read more about it at

Expansive area
Øredev takes place in the heart of one of the most expansive areas in Europe . Meet, learn and get inspiration from the greatest inventors, authors and thinkers in the software industry.

Shuttle bus from Copenhagen
We will have a direct bus from Hovedbanegård, read more about it at

Dan North replaces James Bach
Due to unforseen events, James Bach's seminars have been canceled. Dan North, ThoughtWorks, will replace James Bach.

Last years seminars
If you would like to have a taste of Øredev, please check out last year's seminars. All of them are available for free viewing on our 2006 site in the section Downloadexternal link, opens in new window.

Andy Hunt & Joel Spolsky
Andy Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers and Joel Spolsky, Fog Creek Software.
Ron Jacobs & James Coplien
Kevlin Henney, Curbralan, and James Coplien, Nordija A/S
James Bach and Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Dan North, ThoughtWorks, and Dr. Jeff Sutherland, PatientKeeper
Comments from 2005 and 2006

“After only two years Øredev has established itself as a major player and attracts a big audience.", Suzan Ahlström, Oracle AB

"Far exceeded expectations. Highest possible score. I had fun, and that's my metric.", James O. Coplien, Nordija A/S

“Thanks for a great conference!", Ezzat Fahmy, LogicaCMG AB

“It was a GREAT conference! Super service and great organization!", Marit Toverud, Escenic A/S

“Very impressive!", Jakob Engblom, Virutech AB

“Thanks, the arrangement was superior!", Lotta Adolfsson, Sun Microsystems AB

Conference reports

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