We deliver what we promise

Our promise
We promised our delegates a certain program, and we want to keep what we promise. Unfortunately there were five seminars that were not presented at the conference. We have now gathered, Bertrand Meyer, Johan Lindfors and Poul Stall Vinje to do their promised five seminars on the 10 of May.

Last minute change of order of the seminars, read more on the program page.

A special day
We offer all delegates from last year's Øredev to participate, free of charge, in this special seminar day at Malmö Lärarhögskola.

Fantastic speakers
Bertrand Meyer has recently been awarded "ACM - Software System Award" with the following motivation; "For designing and developing the Eiffel programming language, method and environment, embodying the Design by Contract approach to software development and other features that facilitate the construction of reliable, extendible and efficient software."

Johan Lindfors is a popular speaker from Microsoft Sweden where he works as .NET Evangelist. He always has something new and interesting .NET feature to talk about.

Poul Staal Vinje has profound Agile experiences which he happily shares with everybody.

Speakers at Øredev Complete on the 10th of May
Bertrand Meyer, Johan Lindfors and Poul Staal Vinje (from left to right).
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