Be inspired and get new insights from the best in the business

In today´s busy world, how do you learn about new trends, learn from the experience of others and get connected with people in similar positions?

Where would you go?

The answer is simple: Participate in Øredev Extended, which takes place at Malmö Exhibition & Convention Center on November 13. The target group for the conference is decision makers within or closely related to the Information management area, e.g. process owners, CIOs and IT managers,  product managers, program & project managers, CTOs, Group IT members and business managers.

Øredev Extended is a spin-off of Øredev, taking place at the same time and venue as Øredev Extended.

PDUs for PMPs'
Participants will earn 1 PDU upon participation in each seminar.

Conference merge
We have decided to merge Øredev Extended and Øredev.
All seminars at Øredev will be available for Øredev Extended delegates and vice versa.
As a registered Øredev Extended delegate you will, of course, have a reserved seat at all Extended seminars.

Hear from leading-edge academics and business professionals from


  • AstraZeneca

  • EnterCard

  • Richard Lewis Communications

and many others, about how to enhance your IT leadership and project management capabilities. You will get updates, ideas, and hear about trial, error and success from founders and innovators, and have the opportunity to meet and learn authors and people in practice.

Jan-Martin Lövendahl, Research Director at Gartner, is opening the conference, which offers you two parallel tracks, “Future & Trends" and “Case Studies", both with renowned speakers.

Jan-Martin Lövendahl, Gartner and Andy Hunt, Pragmatic Bookshelf
"A brilliant initiative"
Anders Strömberg, SVP Business Development, Appium
Read the interview here.

"Wanted: Staff with relationship skills"
Michael Gates, CEO, Richard Lewis Communication.
Read the interview here.

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