Ilmar Reepalu
The second Øredev conference has been opened by Ilmar Reepalu, who is a well known Malmö profile. He introduced Malmö and told us some of Malmö´s history. Malmö is a city which has gone through a transformation from developing and building large ships to small ships for the IT sector.       
Øredev started with Martin Fowler who was our keynote speaker for the day. Martin talked about his work on OO analysis and design. The main hall was full of curious listeners who were eager to hear his latest theories.
Martin Fowler
Anders Svensson from IKEA IT, Sweden attended the .NET track the first day of Øredev. Even if Johan Lindfors and Bertrand Meyer were not able to present their sessions, Anders thought all seminars on the track were very interesting. Overall he thinks it is very good to have an event like Øredev in the region where you meet many interesting people and you get the opportunity to talk to a great amount of exhibitors.
Anders Svensson och Niklas Wendel
Niklas Wendel from IKEA IT, Sweden has attended sessions on both the Java track and the .NET track during the day. His thinks Øredev as a perfect way of keeping himself up-to-date of the latest technology instead of pure educational events.
Sun Microsystem
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