Ilmar Reepalu
During the keynote James O. Coplien gave an interesting background and history to the Agile development approach and gave examples of those who were Agile before Agile was cool. He also explained the important values and principles of Agile development and the history of how they were formed. He wrapped everything up with the following statement: “Go and try it out and if you fail, try again". A truly inspiring session for any software developer!
Patrik Liljegren represented Microsoft as an exhibitor during Øredev. Microsoft had two reasons for being there, participating as speakers in the .NET track and being one of the key sponsors at Øredev. In the exhibition hall Microsoft showed Windows Vista which will be released by the end of Jan 2007. They also showed some of the new features of Office 2007. During the two days at Øredev Patrik met many interesting people and he would like to participate in next years
Martin Fowler
Anita Kasari
Anders Nilsson, SonyEricsson ,Sweden thought the last seminar, Java-based real-time, on the Embedded System track was the peak moment during Øredev. It was very inspiring to listen and learn about the new garbage collection Algorithm, which Sun had taken from the University of Lund. Anders was satisfied with the conference and looked forward to visit next year as well.
The Øredev conference was ended with a panel debate were Agile gurus like Martin Fowler, James O.Coplien and Erik Dörnenburg discussed questions like the future of Agile development and which the two most important values were - the individual and the customer. No one talked about functional software. Finally the three experts got the chance to summaries Agile development in 2 minutes and they all concluded that the most important ingredient in Agile development is the human being.
Anders Svensson och Niklas Wendel
From left; Martin Fowler, Erik Dörnenburg, Björn Granvik(Panel moderator) and James O. Coplien.
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