Where challenges are tackled, innovations are made!

Embedded systems exist wherever we go. They control everything from life-critical machinery to children's toys. Being small with limited resources and unique characteristics, the development holds many challenges. Not to worry. Øredev will help you tackle them!

Optimisation and deployment
In a world where less is more one-size-fits-all solutions come in second. Optimised solutions are therefore here to stay, but are they compatible with large scale deployments? Come to Øredev and see for yourself.

Testing and Debugging
Developing any critical system is complex, even more so when they are embedded. With all the constraints testing and debugging can be a real challenge. But there is hope. With the right tools and techniques the job can be done. Visit Øredev and make your life easier.

Advancements in technology comes with the promise of a better future. New opportunities are created for the development of innovative services accessible everywhere, anytime. In this era of ubiquitous computing embedded systems are set to play a key role, will you? Together, let us make a difference.

Location Based Services
Mobility offers freedom to experience the world - Location Based Services enhances the experience. Personalised content at the right place at the right time is the way forward. But is the technology available to provide this? At Øredev you can hear about recent advances and see the technology work!

More to come
Today we have only seen the beginning of the embedded era. Øredev will show you what will come next.

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