A conference in Malmö for software developers

Exciting subjects
The world of Java is an exciting place to be as ever, and Øredev brings it to you! During the conference you will be able to pick from a wide range of cutting-edge subjects - whether you are inclined towards hand-held wireless or large-scale enterprise systems.

Focus on important topics
Say what you like, but .NET offers a great development environment! Clearly, Sun is listening to developer demands for tools to take care of tedious tasks. Ease of development is one of the hot topics at Øredev – check out the latest news!

New ideas
Extreme Programming gave birth to revolutionary ideas; Test First being among the most widely applicable, not only in XP projects! Tremendously popular in the Open Source community, at Øredev you can learn how you too can benefit from these and other test practices.

J2ME has really taken off! The devices may have limited resources, not so Øredev! On offer is a separate track, dedicated to the application of Java in mobile phones, set-tops and similar applications.

You enterprise buffs will not miss out! Experienced users of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will be on hand. Øredev takes you a step beyond theory; learn more on this technology in practice.

These are just some of the subjects you can expect to learn more about in the Java track of the Øredev conference. Don’t miss out!

Telephone: +46-(0)40-602 3134, email: info@oredev.org