Would you like to use Java on the edge?

Exciting subjects
The world of Java is an exciting place to be as ever, and Øredev brings it to you! During the conference you will be able to pick from a wide range of cutting-edge subjects - whether you are inclined towards hand-held wireless or large-scale enterprise systems.

Focus on important topics
Clearly, Sun is listening to developer demands for tools to take care of tedious tasks. Ease of development is one of the hot topics at Øredev - check out the latest news!

Java development today is all about choosing the right framework and learning it well. This conference will look at frameworks from both the user's perspective and the creator's. For example, we will explain the Spring application framework, go deep into Ajax and other web frameworks, but also provide unique insight into how a first-class framework was conceived and developed.

Aspect Oriented Programming is as hot as ever. Øredev will provide a fresh look at how AOP can be used to solve really difficult problems, both in production and in development.

Advanced Programming Techniques
AOP is not the only advanced programming technique. At Øredev we will also have a look at macros, continuations etc.

Web Development
Ajax has breathed new life into the web, but there are still lots of plain old web applications being created out there. This conference covers not only Ajax and various related frameworks, but also shows groundbreaking innovation in traditional web development.

These are just some of the subjects you can expect to learn more about in the Java track of the Øredev conference. Don't miss out!

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