A conference in Malmö for software developers

Eric Evans, DomainLanguages Inc.
Eric Evans is a specialist in domain modeling and design. He has worked on many projects developing large business systems and has been deeply involved in applying modeling and Agile processes on real projects. Out of this range of experiences emerged the synthesis of principles and techniques shared in the book "Domain-Driven Design" Addison-Wesley 2004. Eric now leads "Domain Language", a consulting group that trains teams to make their development more productive through effective application of domain modeling and design.
Keynote Subject; Domain Driven Design
Tackling complexity in the heart of software In this talk, we will take a look at key practices in modeling for software development. The first generation of J2EE made object design harder. Now, new developments in the Java and .Net communities are promising to better support well-designed systems based on domain models. People are beginning to turn their energies in this direction. Now, which of the new technologies helps us with the real challenges of application development?
That is a question worth arguing about.
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