A conference in Malmö for software developers

Peter Talungs, Kentor AB.
Peter Tallungs writes chronicles in ComputerSweden and works as system developer at Kentor. Peter is very engaged in system developments different aspects and has an ambition to engage us all. “We have just recently understood what software is and it is not what we thought it would be." Peter tries to get us away from traditional thinking to let us think in a new, free way.
We need an Architect! Fredrik P Brooks was probably first to sat inte 1975 that software needs an architect in the same way as a building, someone who is a spokesman for user and orderer. Something went wrong on the way. What we today call system architect is a technical role. We still dont have a real architect! What shall we do? Should we change the system architects role from engineer o architect or should we create a new role?
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