A conference in Malmö for software developers

Ulf Atles
Ulf Atles works as consultant for Leadway AB. He has experience from a range of disciplines - management, marketing, project management, and within a number of different fields of business - Business Intelligence, CRM, e-learning. These experiences he now combines to help companies in the IT industry develop software in a more structured way and with success both when it comes to efficiency and business performance.
The "XP Game" is a fun and playful simulation of the XP development process, where participants learn the basic concepts of XP - The XP planning game, velocity, and user stories - with a competive element. No technical knowledge is required to participate, so teams can be formed with both developers and businesspeople. At the end of the game, everybody has experienced how user stories, estimation, planning, implementation, and functional tests are used and seen how the "velocity" factor is used to adjust the schedule.
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