Would you like to use .Net on the edge?

Sharp Edges
The key to using any platform is understanding its fundamentals, but in order to become a real master, one must take further steps into the unknown. Exploring the depths of a technology such as .NET Framework can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. By learning from the experts, you are taking the shortest path to becoming an expert yourself. This year's .NET-track provides a comprehensive collection of insights and hands-on experiences with the most exciting features of the .NET Framework. Our speakers have been taking .NET to the extremes, bending and tweaking it to explore the possibilities. Embrace their deep knowledge, get enlighted, and test those sharp edges of .NET yourself.
Coming Next
Since its initial announcement in 2000, .NET has quickly become the foundation for a new generation of Windows and Web applications, and with the release of version 2.0, we were able to see another giant step towards increased developer productivity. But evolution of the .NET platform shows no signs of slowing down. It is now time to get ready for the new amazing possibilities that will open up with the advent of the .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista. Listen to the technology experts and early adopters and learn from their experiences. Building solutions on the .NET platform is about to get even more exciting!
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