A conference in Malmö for software developers

Jonas Bonér from Terracotta has been a speaker at Øredev for the third time. He really enjoys this conference since it has many different tracks with many different topics. Even if he is a Java expert he has visit many of the other tracks during the 2-day conference. He concludes that Øredev is a class of its own; there is no conference like it in Sweden.
Shazia Mirza entertained us and gave us a good laugh on Tuesday night.
During the evening a nice buffet was served and the delegates got the opportunity to meet people in the business.
Øredev featured the world release of Qi4j, which is Rickard Öbergs brainchild.
Qi4j is a domain centric application development framework that includes the best features from AOP, DI, Scripting and DDD.
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