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Develop Mentor
DevelopMentor UK Ltd:-

DevelopMentor is a high-quality developer education company with a unique combination of exceptional staff, and content delivery options, that sets it apart from other training organisations in the software development industry. We provide in-depth training for experienced developers looking to expand their knowledge while gaining new skills efficiently and effectively. Our courses feature the most current information available; all course materials are written by our own independent technical staff, so there is no vendor bias or marketing hype.
Our courses are consistently ahead of the curve—we work directly with software vendors, to produce and deliver training materials for products at the Beta or pre-Beta stage. We co-host developer conferences and training tours with Microsoft, and host some of the most popular listservs in the business.
DevelopMentor training empowers developers with a fundamental understanding of the technologies they are working with, as well as extensive hands-on experience solving real problems. Attendees learn the skills they need to be productive immediately, and they gain access to an ongoing community of developers working in similar environments with whom they can share ideas and tips.
Getting the training you need right now can reduce your time to market, giving you a competitive advantage. link, opens in new window


Kodexe is a powerful supplier of IT solutions with focus on business activity. We have a different view on system development, which means that we often work throughout the whole development process, from conception to finished product. With strong technical competence, solid experience and with a sharp ear to our clients’ needs and wishes we secure high-quality results.
We have many years of experience and specialist knowledge of Microsoft products and are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. One of our specialties is object oriented system development with Microsoft .Net as the platform.
Kodexe offer tailor-made it-solutions which are mainly based upon Microsoft technologies. The development goes towards service oriented architecture (SOA) and this is something we have as a goal to achieve in all our delivered solutions.
The process used to develop our solutions is based upon Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) with flavours from Rational Unified Process (RUP).
We made the choice to use a minor number of products and technologies which we are experts in, instead of a larger number that we know little about - quality rather than quantity.  www.kodexe.seexternal link, opens in new window

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