Epsilon - Consultants of the Future
Based on a new view of the consultant’s role, Epsilon offers a wide range of services and concepts in several technical fields. The idea is to add significant growth power to innovative companies in both short and long term.
By challenge conventions and seeking the best solutions for the customer in all situations, we are approaching out vision of being the Consultant of the Future.

Epsilon offers services and concepts to manufacturing companies in the Scandinavian market. We are market leaders within a number of disciplines with cutting edge expertise and one of the largest technology consultancy companies in Sweden within advanced technology. Epsilon has more than 1000 employees, a nationwide coverage and acts locally through our development centers and specialized companies. Epsilon works within companies within the following market areas:  Life Science, Energy, Vehicle, Defense, Industry, Consumer, and Telecom.

Epsilon Information Technology is a subsidiary within the Epsilon group, which offers high-end IT services and solutions with focus on increasing our customer’s efficiency and profitability. Epsilon IT was founded in the fall of 2006 in Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg. Today we are 70 colleagues and profitable. Our key competences areas are Project Management, System Development and Test and Verification of software systems.

Founders Jayway Dotway Leadway Testway Realway
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