Develops intelligence in products and industrial systems
Prevas is an innovative IT company with a strong corporate culture that gives its customers a world-class competitive edge.

Prevas has delivered profitable solutions for the future for over 20 years. At Prevas, we see the establishment of long-term relationships with customers and deep insight into our customers' operations as the foundation for being able to create customer benefits.  

Prevas is a knowledge company, which means that our employees and their profile are an important part of our company. Curiosity about new technology and new solutions are part of our day-to-day work.

The corporate culture is called Prevas United

It almost sounds like a soccer team. And that wouldn´t be far off. Prevas United is a unifying force in the company. Here, communication is direct and solidarity is great. All Prevas employees encourage each other to continually grow and keep their nose to the grindstone. We are united by our deep interest in technology, joy in our work and customer benefits in focus. It is important that everyone is content. A pleasant environment with laughter creates openness to new solutions.  This enables us to offer our clients a whole team of workers who take on responsibility and provide first-rate results.

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