What is Qi4j?

The short answer is that Qi4j is a framework for domain centric application development, including evolved concepts from AOP, DI and DDD.

Qi4j is an implementation of Composite Oriented Programming, using the standard Java 5 platform, without the use of any pre-processors or new language elements. Everything you know from Java 5 still applies and you can leverage both your experience and toolkits to become more productive with Composite Oriented Programming today.

Qi4j is trying to address the flaws of OOP and introduce Composite Oriented Programming to the world, without introducing new programming languages, or awkward constructs. Heck, we don't even use any XML.
Qi4j is not a framework. It is a new way to write code. Other people might create frameworks using Qi4j, or create a framework optimized for Qi4j, but here at Qi4j we concentrate to make Qi4j behave well in existing frameworks, application servers, platforms and environments.
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