The company
Sigma is a leading supplier of solutions within IT, Management and Information logistics. We deliver to an international market and focus on functional engagement.
Sigma is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has about 1400 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, England, Hungary, China, India and Ukraine. We have over 20 locations in Sweden.

Sigma's vision is to be the customers' first choice.

Business concept
Sigma provides consultancy services and functional undertakings to leading companies. Through commitment and the application of our extensive knowledge, we develop and improve the efficiency of our customers' operations, thereby adding new value to their business.

Business areas and activities
Sigma operates within the two business areas of  IT & Management and Information logistics. Our solutions and services within the area of Information logistics are delivered under the trademark Sigma Kudos.

Sigma’s delivery is coordinated at group level and cut through the boundaries of the subsidiaries and business areas. 

Founders Jayway Dotway Leadway Testway Realway
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