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Test Automation FX - User Interface testing in Visual Studio

Test Automation FX (TAFX for short) enables developers and testers to record and manage user interface tests from inside Visual Studio with 100% .Net code. The framework installs inside of Visual Studio (2005 & 2008) with custom project templates and designers that allow you to build automated user interface tests in your favorite IDE. The approach with TAFX addresses some key problems with traditional test automation such as maintainability and the need for custom scripting languages.
In Test Automation FX the code containing the test logic and the code telling the framework how to find objects are not mixed. When your application’s user interface changes, you don’t have to change your tests, simply remap the objects.
TAFX facilitates collaboration between testers and developers by incorporating the testing tool in the usual development environment. Since TAFX is totally integrated with .Net and the free versions of Visual Studio it does not require additional investments or skill sets. The framework design of TAFX also enables you to extend it to simplify the test development further.
Test Automation FX is developed by Cenito Software. Cenito Software is specialized in creating high value products fast with a well tuned agile method. We also provide expert consultant services in product development with .NET and agile methods.
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