Report from Øredev Day 1 - Wednesday 19 November 2008

Bring on the renaisance.

Wednesday morning's keynote address from Ted Neward kicked off the conference with an engaging and thought provoking look at the explosion of new languages we have at our disposal -  the renaissance in development. Should I use C? C#? Java? Java Script? Ruby? Groovy? Python? Lisp?..... With so many languages emerging and evolving perhaps we should strive to be masters of many, to best realize one project, to be able to mix and match with pre-made parts to find an optimal solution, or maybe just to keep up.  Listeners found the keynote fun way to start the discussion about languages in development and the implications for the way we work.

Struck by lightning.

  The interview and lightning talks series was in full force yesterday, with interviewees from different countries and different areas of the software development spectrum.  We heard "lightning talks" about new languages (Graphical Language and  SmallTalk) as well as Open Source Development.  We also heard dialogues between leading experts and experienced interviewers.  Yes,  the discussions and lightning talks are captured on video and will be downloadable on the Oredev website if you miss them, ... but what a great chance to ask YOUR question and enter the dialogue too!

Oracle brings out the lattes!

In the exhibition hall the Oracle team set up a full espresso bar, offering open source coffee drinks to all, but especially to complement the discussions taking place on the "Oracle red" couches at their booth.  Delegates and speakers mingled together, sipping their fancy coffee drinks, and exchanging ideas around modern architecture software.  The theme of the day?  "How do you build the cool system with JRockit, Coherence,  WLS, etc....?"  

Overheard in the speakers'  lounge:

"One of the hidden gems of this conference that I was not expecting is the diversity of the attendees from, for example, the .net community and java community. Having the direct contact and exchange really allows you to step out of your world and broaden your perspective. You can discover new ways of approaching the same problem. Instead of just adapting the approach of another I am seeing opportunities for deliberate cross-fertilization, conscious collaboration and mindsharing."

Wide-open spaces.

  Plenty of good things can come out of a gathering when the rules and the roles are loosened up a little.  Yesterday's open spaces conference, led with a guiding hand of Diana Larsen, was an invitation to explore the topics of our own choosing - spontaneously and creatively.  Anyone and everyone was encouraged to propose discussion topics, and anyone and everyone could meet at the selected time and place and take part.  After the lottery drawings, for a brand new Sony Ericsson Mobile, iPod Nano, Lego and some sexy Øredev piquees, there was quite a turn out to participate.  Some examples of topics include: what are the alternatives to databases?  What about cloud computing., do we wait for Microsoft or should we start now?  How do I really get Agile on Monday morning?  How can we build bridges across communities in the development? Czech beer or Danish beer?  
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