Report from Øredev Day 2 - Thursday 20 November 2008

Fighting for the soul of testing.

The morning’s keynote speech by James Bach brought energy and perspective to the theme of renaissance in software development. Speeding through history, we looked at how changes in testing may be, or should be, a reflection of the historical renaissance.  A departure from traditional thinking for an intellectual and systems-thinking way of problem solving anyone?  So be a buccaneer – and if your shoes bother you, get rid of them.

Lights, Camera, Microsoft.

   The lights were on and cameras were rolling at the Microsoft booth in the exhibition hall today.  The team of “evangelists” were welcoming comments and questions from delegates, and have captured a series of their longer discussions as interviews on video.  Testing demos and speaking with the on hand members of the Extended Expert Team rounded out the possibilities to dig deeper and get rounded perspectives on how Microsoft is approaching developer issues.

Distance lands coming closer.  

Looking among the attendees at Oredev, we can see several delegates and speakers have travelled from rather far to participate.  One speaker, travelling from India, explained “Yes, my airline miles were converted to smiles.  It’s been worth the trip because of the great job of integration here – I mean, this has been great not just for developers, but also for testers, managers and people from the business analysis side, journalists, and so on. People are coming to learn about elements in the whole value chain.“

Who’s in charge?

Roger Sullivan spoke to us about the different players, roles and evolving responsibilities regarding who is in charge of our digital identities. Pursuing the question of different third-party approaches, like identity enabling applications, he kept us in the loop about the possibilities to develop an industry standard for identity security.


It’s always funniest when we make fun of ourselves.  The gang from Boom Chicago of Amsterdam, a trio of very non-software industry improvers had us laughing at them and ourselves after dinner on Thursday night.  The quick thinking team performed skits and songs on the spot with whatever the crowd called out.   And call out they did!
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