Report from Øredev Day 3 - Friday 21 November 2008

Go fast Go well.

If you want to do it as fast as possible, then do it as right as possible. Such was one part of the advice from Robert C. Martin to the audience at the opening keynote Friday morning.  It is the advancement of disciplines and practices in software development, of personal responsibility in doing our work right the first time that is creating a renaissance of craftsmanship in our field. With distinct examples of how this renaissance may be expanding Uncle Bob instructed and inspired - So go earn your green band of professional commitment and wear it with pride!

The best of Øredev.

To give a chance to all those that missed it, the session that received the most favorable rating by its participants during the three-day program was offered an encore performance on the final day of the conference. Senior Development Lead for Microsoft USA, Eilon Lipton, guided us through an Introduction to ASP.NET MVC. Exploring what MVC is and its perks, together in the main auditorium we built an application from scratch and explore the differences between MVC and Web Forms.

A 2008 panel fit for Øredev.

Wow! What else can you say about such a lively discussion, covering such a broad range of industry issues and opinions? The diverse panel, gathered clearly in the spirit of Sharing Knowledge, was made up of Robert C. Martin, Diana Larsen, James Bach, Glenn Block, Scott Bellware and Gabrielle Benefield. Beginning with the question of “dogmatism vs. renaissance - what is does it mean in the software development industry context,” and ending with the assertion that that our social responsibility is to do our jobs well, since we build the things that make just about everything work or not work, these practitioners and thought leaders made us think and made us laugh as they took questions and comments from an equally engaged audience.

A job well done.

After the fun of selecting a few more lucky delegates in the final day’s drawing for a new Sony Ericsson mobile telephone, an iPod nano and Legos, the Øredev closing ceremonies was a gratifying chance to check out a few of the things we have achieved together this week. Cajsa Wiking from UNICEF came on stage to thank the crowd for a job well done as she accepted a giant check representing the 190,000 SEK which Øredev raised for the Schools for Africa Project.  This is expected to provide the equivalent of more than three schools for children in great need. Way to go Everyone!
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