Activities at the conference

Much more to enjoy!

There are plenty of things to do in between and after the sessions.

In the mornings and afternoons, take a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy yourself and stroll through the aisles of the Malmö Convention Center.

The exhibition starts on wednesday and will run for three full days.

Partners will be presenting and demonstrating their products throughout, so in the evenings, enjoy a refreshing beverage while you see the latest goods and services. They will also be available for answering questions throughout the event.

You can find out more about our partners by clicking on their logos.

This year, we will have two evenings to celebrate! Interviews, music, games, a stand-up comedian, demos and more.

Nonetheless, “The one who passes the most business cards wins” is not what we mean by networking! It requires investment of real interest, time, space and energy! You have to enjoy it - enjoy yourself, and enjoy the process!

Invite your peer for a beer or a cup of coffee, participate into BOF’s, Open Space Conference or Lightning Talks.

And if you feel like partying or continuing a discussion after 22h when Øredev closes its doors, you can meet at “Harrys”, the official Øredev pub in Malmö. Harry’s offers happy hour prices to all Øredev’s participants.

We can’t tell you more...because pleasant surprises are also part of coming to Øredev.

Gold Partner
Media partner
Øredev and UNICEF have teamed up to help Share Knowledge
Schools for Africa

Throw one thousand like-minded people in a room and you’re bound to get something good out of it. Conversation is inspiration for creation. When you attend the Øredev conference the opportunity to contribute to technology is huge. We can sit at home and gain knowledge from books; we can teach each other facts, figures and techniques, but we can also share our thoughts and combine ideas and become stronger together.

We will facilitate your interaction with other attendees as well as the speakers. You will be able to easily improvise meetings, you will have cosy places and a comfortable environment in which to sit and discuss your passion.

Choose to give back, that’s how we grow. Register to the developer event of the year today!

Lightning talks can en-light-en your mind!
Lightning Talks are really just a series of short talks. We assign a speaking slot (30 to 90 minutes) and arrange to have several short talks one after the other during that session.

The length of the lightning talks are between 1 and 10 minutes. In order to allow rapid changes between speakers, paper slides are not allowed but we will offer the opportunity to use a computer running a presentation program (such as OpenOffice, Impress or Microsoft PowerPoint.)

So, be prepared!

Open Space Conference
Bring up an issue for presentation or discussion during the conference.

We will create an Open Space Conference to give you control of the conference after the scheduled sessions. This offers you the space and time to deal with the issues you feel passionate about.

Diana Larsen will be the facilitator of the Open Space Conference on the evening of the conference first day.

The evening will begin at "The Marketplace." Diana will give a brief introduction of the concept of Open Space and a preview of the evening's activities. Following the introduction, participants will be asked to come forward to suggest topics related to the theme of the conference. Each topic becomes one of the sessions that are offered throughout the day. The person who suggests a topic becomes that session's coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for convening the session and for specifying its format. She or he may present a lecture, lead a discussion, or simply open the floor to contributions from those in attendance.

After presenting their idea at the initial "Marketplace" meeting, the coordinators post their topics to a time/room grid, thus scheduling it for presentation later in the day. It is common to allow one to two hours for each session, though successful conferences can be held with as sessions as short as a half hour.

So, please be prepared, it’s your chance to expose your ideas and thoughts.

Birds-of-a-feather sessions
A BoF session is an informal meet-up, in which the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

The term is derived from the proverb, "Birds of a feather flock together.".

BoFs can facilitate networking and partnership formation among subgroups, including functionally-oriented groups such as CEOs or geographically-oriented groups. BoFs generally allow for more audience interaction than the panel discussions typically seen at conventions; the discussions are not completely unguided, though, as there is still a discussion leader.

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