Øredev builds Schools in Africa with UNICEF

It all started in 2005 with this observation:

“We need to attend interesting conferences but can’t afford it”

The challenge was turned into an opportunity, and Øredev was born, giving to the region of Øresund, within just four years, the biggest IT conference in Sweden.

We created a place where people from all over the planet meet, acquire new knowledge but also share knowledge about techniques and technologies that change our lives.

Still, we know not everybody in the world can participate in our event, in part because many don’t have access to basic education.

This is another challenge we decided to take on, by raising funds in the Øredev name for the construction of schools through UNICEF. Because we believe in what we are achieving here in the Øresund region, this is how we demonstrate our commitment to sharing knowledge

We succeeded to raise 190.000 SEK  (€19.000)
It's enough to build three schools within the UNICEF project Schools for Africa.

Schools for Africa
Personal Contributors
Emily Holweck, Øredev
Michael Tiberg, Øredev
Olof Adell, 518 Media
Dov Brachfeld, Anabi
Petter Eklund, WayGroup
Lisa Robertsson, WayGroup
Fredrik Olsson, Jayway
Mats Weidmar(2), WayGroup
Linnéa Tiberg, Student
Jonas Söderström, Testway
Linus Roslund, Dotway
Magnus Robertsson, Jayway
Björn Granvik, Jayway
Aslam Khan, factor10
Lars Sjögren, Dotway
Annette Dagsberg, Jayway
Evelina Persson
Malin Adsten
Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group
Peter Dagsberg, Jayway
David Hedlund
Mikael Jakobsen
Lars Andersson, Jayway
Tobias Fjälling, Dotway
Johan Karlberg, Leadway
Anders Johansson
Per Fegler, Leadway
Peter Neubauer, WayLabs
Robert Scholz
Magnus Grimsell
UNICEF Donator - €4.500
UNICEF Donators - €1.040
UNICEF Donators - €520
Founders Jayway Dotway Leadway Testway Realway
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