Become Certified Scrum Product Owner

Gabrielle Benefield, Yahoo!, USA

Gabrielle is a certified Scrum Trainer with over 17 years experience building enterprise software at global companies.  She specializes in organisational change and enterprise level transformation. Gabrielle led the large-scale corporate adoption of Scrum and Agile at Yahoo!, which now encompasses more than 200 teams projects and over 1500 employees in the US, India, Europe, and Latin America and is a regular conference speaker presenting papers and talks on Enterprise Agile, Agile Product Management and Agile User Experience and Design. She is a co-founder of the Scrum Training institute providing training and coaching in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australasia.

Location: Malmömässan
Time: November 17-18
Level: Intermediate
Price: €1,500
Gold partner
Scrum Product Owner Certification


This hands-on, interactive two-day course will teach you:

How to be an effective Product Owner
Write User-Stories (Agile requirements)
How to manage an Agile product throughout the Software Development Life Cycle
Agile Release planning and Tracking
Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will be enrolled as a Certified Product Owner, which includes a one-year Scrum Alliance membership, where additional ScrumMaster and Product Owner material and information is available.


Applicable to Product, Project and Program Managers and anyone interested in how to effectively manage and launch Agile products.


This class is for people who already understand the Scrum basics and are looking to extend their knowledge. A brief refresher will be available at the start of the training although prior knowledge of the Scrum framework is preferred either through attending a Certified ScrumMaster class, hands-on application of Scrum or at a minimum reading http://www.scrumprimer.comexternal link.

Course Description

Scrum 101 refresher

Scrum cycle, roles, planning cycle

Iteration 0

Research inputs
Product Vision
Exercise: Create a one-pager
Customer insights; personals, field studies
Brainstorming and affinity mapping

Gathering requirements - inputs

Exercise: Ideas brainstorm
Stakeholder & user interviews
Rapid scenarios
Scenario exercise


Kano analysis
Exercise: Release strategy
Relative weighting

Writing requirements

Product backlog building
Exercise: User story writing


Story points and Ideal days
Exercise: Planning poker estimation


Sprint and release burndown charts

Release Planning

Incremental release plans
Timeboxed and Scopeboxed releases
Exercise: Simulated Scrum game

Optional modules:

Scaling Scrum
Agile Design
Budgets and forecasts
Agile contracts

PMPs: You can receive 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for this course.

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