Course - Serious Games for Agile Teams

Luke Hohmann, Enthiosys, USA

Luke, author of “Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play” will be teaching an intensive, two-day class based on the material found in the book of the same name. Used by corporations such as SAP, VeriSign, QUALCOMM, Emerson Climate Technologies, Genesyslabs, HP, and Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Innovation Games® have been featured in Software Development Magazine and Soft*Letter, numerous blogs and conferences.

Designed by Enthiosys, the leading provider of agile product management consulting services, this course will provide you with the tools to plan, play, and post-process the results of the games. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive notes, worksheets, templates, and books to help you your learning’s into practice.

Location: Malmömässan
Time: November 17-18
Level: Intermediate
Price: €995
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Serious Games for Agile Teams
Previous known as "Innovation Games"

While there is a lot to love about Agile development, many practices can get pretty tiresome. Retrospectives stop working when teams become bored with answering the same three questions ("what worked, what didn't work, what should we change"). Prioritizing a product backlog in a single meeting before, or during, release planning using a spreadsheet isn't very engaging. Developing and presenting a product roadmap using PowerPoint gets pretty old, especially when you can't find a way to show the growth in functionality of your product.

In this course, Luke Hohmann will show how the serious games described in his book Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play can be used to improve many of the practices that are common in Agile teams. You will learn how to:

  • Identify customer requirements for an ideal product through the Product Box  game
  • Improve retrospectives through the Speed Boat game
  • Prioritize your backlog through the online game Buy a Featre online (
  • Plan a successful project through the game Remember the Future
  • Develop better better release plans through the game Prune the Product Tree
  • Understand product usage through the games Me and My Shadow and Start Your Day
Agile should be fun! And when you integrate the serious games described in this class into your Agile practice, it will be!

Agenda - Day 1
Overview of Serious Games and how they can used used in the Agile Development Cycle Case studies to illustrate the problems in Agile and how the games can overcome these problems Playing lots of games!

Agenda - Day 2
More case studies and guided exploration of using serious games in Agile development
Playing lots of games!

What to Bring (all of these are optional except a good attitude!)
- headphones
- laptop
- cell phone

Please also read this for ideas on how people at using Innovation Games with Agile: link, opens in new window

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