Keynote - November 20 - James Bach

James Bach, Satisfice ,USA

James Bach (http://www.satisfice.comexternal link) is a pioneer in the discipline of exploratory software testing and a founding member of the Context-Driven School of Testing. He is the author (with Kaner and Pettichord) of Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach. Starting as a programmer in 1983, James turned to testing in 1987 at Apple Computer, going on to work at several market-driven software companies and testing companies that follow theSilicon Valleytradition of high innovation and agility. James founded Satisfice, Inc. in 1999, a tester training and consulting company based in Front Royal, Virginia.

The Renaissance Thinker

Description: In 1961, Jerry Weinberg wrote of testing as a challenging cognitive activity worthy the most ardent puzzle-solver. But by 1972, the Chapel Hill Symposium on software testing confirmed that the field was going a different direction: tools, test cases, scripting, and away from the development of thinking skills. The problem with all that? It doesn't scale.
The mechanistic and technocratic approach to testing falls apart as complexity skyrockets. We need thinkers. We need professional rapid learners. In this talk I will share my vision for the renaissance thinker.

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