Roger K. Sullivan - 20 November - Keynote

Roger K. Sullivan, Oracle Corporation, USA

Roger K. Sullivan is vice president of business development for Oracle Identity Management at Oracle Corporation.  In this role, he spends time with Oracle’s premier customers, assisting them in understanding the business value of identity management and helping them evaluate and implement Oracle technology.

Mr. Sullivan also serves as Oracle Corporation Management Board representative to the Liberty Alliance and is President of the Alliance, an industry association of vendors and enterprise customers developing standards for federated identity management.  

Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Sullivan was President and CEO of Phaos Technology Corp. Phaos was acquired by Oracle in May 2004.  

Who is really in charge of the digital me?

My “Identity” is changing but I’m still the same person. We started with a simple concept: PINs and Passwords will get you what you need. Today’s world is far more complex and nuanced for the average user and application. What are the deployment issues that developers need to address? We have a multi-axis tug-of-war that is confounding to implementers and deployers alike. We’ll survey the landscape and discuss a bit of how we got here, where “here” is, and where we’re heading.  Simplicity and strength are difficult to achieve at the same time. Who, after all, is really in charge of the digital me?

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