Lightning Talks on stage in the exhibition hall

Lightning Talks

You will get three talks in one session.

This year we are presentation lightning talks, each talk takes 15 minute.

The Lightning Talks takes place on the stage in the Exhibition Hall directly after lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.

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13.10-14.00 November 19

Graphical Language - Marcus Johnson, Endevo
Imagine drawing a graphical schema showing how to solve the problem, and then saying “This is my software”

SmallTalk - Anders Janmyr, factor10
Smalltalk is a beautiful, ancient, object oriented language. When Smalltalk arrived in the 70’s it was arguably before its time: processors were slow, programmers unused to object orientation and IDEs unheard of. But, now it is time for Smalltalk again.

Open Source Development - Johan Ekblad, Omicron
Can you afford development without using Open Source Software?  In this Lightening talk we will answer the question using an example from the industry.

13.10-14.00 November 20

Swing Rocks - Pär Sikö & Martin Gunnarsson, Epsilon IT
Java GUIs used to be slow and ugly but that’s history. In this presentation we’ll show you the power of Java graphics and what an application should look like.

Azul Compute Appliances - Magnus Robertsson, Jayway
Accelerate your Java applications with hundreds of processor cores, zero latency garbage collection and up to 600+ GB heaps for maximum scalability, throughput and performance.

Server-side RIA - Joonas Lehtinen, IT Mill
Most of the new rich internet application (RIA) development tools rely on JavaScript or browser-plugins with the user interface logic running on web-browser. Unfortunately client-side RIA lacks support for many of the best software engineering practices and is prone to security problems.

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