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Speaker: Poul Staal Vinje
Poul Staal Vinje in an independent consultant dealing with testing, developing and estimating. He has worked with Scrum and XP for the last five years.
He believes in Communication, Simplicity, Feedback and Courage as values that improves quality and productivity, as well as providing a pleasant working day.
Seminar: Estimate an Agile project
Level: Intermediate
The speech addresses the two major success factors of reliable estimating, Sizing and Productivity.

The first one, sizing, is a calculation of the amount of work to be delivered. Expressed in Function Points, StoryPoints, Use Cases Points, Class/Method Point or using equivalent sizing metrics.

The second one, productivity, is an estimate of the teams capability. Expressed as Function Points delivered per man month, hours needed per StoryPoint, Velocity, or equivalent productivity measures.

PSV will address the two factors in both classic and in Agile context. The latter one covering lean and adaptive processes.

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