Domain-Driven Design Seminars

Domain-Driven Design Seminars Jimmy Nilsson Randy Stafford Dan Bergh Johnsson Einar Landre Erik Evans
Domain-Driven Design

Opposite to common belief, programming is not about typing much and fast on a keyboard. Programming is about understanding the problem and describing the solution in an understandable way.

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is very much about this. It’s about thinking and communicating about the solution in the form of a model. It’s about focusing on the shared language of the domain, the ubiquitous language. It’s about collaboration between domain experts and developers. It’s about representing the language and model in code with a minimized gap.

For the first time on any conference, we have put together a whole conference track about DDD. The speakers of this track are the thought leaders of DDD.

Track host; Jimmy Nilsson, factor10

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