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The .NET track

Our schedule features some of the top names in the industry from both our local Swedish context and a Global perspective.  The .NET track features Microsoft (Redmond) speakers discussing a range of relevant topics such as Prism and MEF, Architecture Guidance and the future of Patterns & Practices, as well as Data Driven WPF. As part of the overall perspective we like to include in each track, subjects will also cover Dynamic Data and the future of ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and this year's Microsoft research session on PEX.  

There are great contributors to the .NET track, tons of interesting non-.NET material for a .NET developer on all of the tracks of Øredev, as well as quite a few .NET related or .NET-based sessions on the other tracks of the event. Take note, for example, of the .NET sessions in Architecture, Mobile, Cool Languages and so on.

We are also pleased to welcome Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin of .NET Rocks for expert coverage of all that will be happening at Øredev, with needle sharp interviews and joyful presence!

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