Videos from the Architecture Track

Check out the Videos from Øredev 2008 - Architecture track.

So far there are only three seminars on video;
- Randy Stafford
- Marc Holms & Mark Bloodworth
- Magnus Juvas

Just double-click on the seminar you would like to watch.

Architecture Videos Randy Stafford Marc Holmes & Mark Bloodworth Magnus Juvas Luke Hohmann BJ Hargrave Adam Skogman James Coplien Ayende Rahien Michaela Cato

Architecture is not a verb.

Architects are not "architecting" - they are designing!

Over two days we will give you insight into how to design systems for today and tomorrow based on the Agile mindset and you are gonna need it. Come and meet the people who have done it. Let them teach you how to use your wet-ware to create an architecture that will live with your project.

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