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Java Videos Alef Arendsen Bruce Snyder Rickard Öberg Ben Alex Nikita Ivanov Ken Gilmer Mattias Hellborg Arthursson Alef Arendsen Kirk Pepperdine Aslam Khan Dierk König Jonas Jacobi Joshua Marinacci Olaf Heimburger Bruce Snyder Jan Konquist & Johan Haleby Marijn Dashorst
Exciting subjects 
The world of Java is an exciting place to be, as ever, and Øredev brings it to you! You will be able to pick from a wide range of cutting-edge subjects - whether you are inclined towards hand-held wireless or large-scale enterprise systems.


Renaissance Java
Languages, frameworks, grids -the renaissance developer has even more options on the Java platform than perhaps anywhere else. Come and listen and make up your own mind.
Get the multi-talented you up and going. Scratch that itch!


Java – the grand total
During Øredev 2008 you will have no less than 39 seminars with a Java focus- and that is not counting the lightning talks!
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