Videos from the Mobile 2.0 Track

Check out the Videos from Øredev 2008 - Mobile 2.0 track.

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Please note that we are missing two videos; Terrance Barr-The Future of Java on Mobile and Jon Bostrom-OSGi Mobile

Mobile 2.0 Videos David Pulkrabek Tariq Tahir Sten Minör Tony Whitter Fredrik Olsson Daniel Eran Dilger Ken Walker Jon Bostrom Tony Whitter David Heinemeier Hansson Terrance Barr Görkem Ercan Mike Jennings Jarnail Chudge Daniel Eran Dilger
Mobile 2.0

In a few years the number of Internet users will double to three billion users, most of these new Internet users will never have seen a computer. Today’s developers need to prepare for the move from desktop computers and Web 2.0 to tomorrow’s Mobile 2.0.

The Mobile 2.0 track at Øredev 2008 covers current industry technologies such as JavaME, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and the mobile web, as well as emerging technologies such as JavaFX, Android and iPhone. Get to know what is coming next from Jon Bostrom "the Father of Mobile Java", and David Heinemeier Hansson the creator of Ruby on Rails.

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