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Patrik Löwendahl - Contextual Domain Models

Video of the seminar
Patrik Löwendahl, Cornerstone, Sweden

Patrik works as a Mentor, Coach and Instructor at Cornerstone in Sweden. He spends his days helping teams, projects and developers excel in the .NET space with a focus on architecture, code design, and the backend bits of the .NET world like WCF, NHibernate, LINQ to *. He is a MVP, member of Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET) and a popular speaker in the .NET community with appearances, amongst others, at User Groups, Microsoft MSDN Seminars, Developer Summit  and Øredev.
Read his blog at http://www.lowendahl.netexternal link, opens in new window.

Contextual Domain Models

The domain model is a domain experts view on their reality. But what happens when there are different domain experts with different, very real, views on the reality? Is a product always a product and how do I enforce my aggregate boundaries for the all-mighty model? Is my abstraction high enough to also capture the context of the domain? These are questions that get's asked, discussed and partially answered in this talk.

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