Videos from the Architecture Track

Check out the Videos from Øredev 2008 - Test track.
James Bach and Rikard Edgren Seminars are not available due to technical problems during the recording.

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Test Videos Isabel Evans Pradeep Soundararajan Nikolai Tillmann Petter Skerfving Karen N. Johnson Torbjörn Ryber Mattias Göransson Fredrik Scheja Kevlin Henney

The test track will feature some of the most interesting thinkers in testing from all over the world, with a special focus on context-driven testing. Many of the speakers are part of the context-driven school of testing – a school which rejects the notion of best practices, since the value of any practice depends on its context.

Communication and collaboration between testers and non-testers is another theme this year.

It doesn't matter if you are a tester, a test leader or a programmer interested in testing – the test track has something for everyone.

Track host - Thursday; Björn Hagström, Testway

Track host - Friday; Jonas Söderström, Testway

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