Allen Lau, Tira Wireless
Speaker: Allen Lau, CTO and Co-founder of Tira Wireless
With more than 15 years technical and management experience, Allen brings deep development expertise to the Tira Wireless team. Before co-founding Tira, Allen held senior development positions at Symantec, including Senior Development Manager where he oversaw the development teams at the Toronto Research and Development facility. Prior to that, he was Principal Software Engineer, spearheading the design and development of Symantec's premier product, WinFax PRO. Allen holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.
Seminar: Best Practices for Mobile Content Development Using Aspect Oriented Programming
Level: In-depth
The ever-increasing number of device models in the market makes it challenging to get mobile content from the development stage to an operator's deck. Using Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), however, developers can create efficiencies in the deployment process. AOP delivers benefits in developing and porting content, from accelerating time to market to generating greater revenues from mobile development initiatives. This presentation will provide insight into AOP and its role in mobile content development. Attendees will learn best practices and strategies for streamlining content deployment, including modularizing concerns into aspects and reusing aspects for more than one device.

Seminar: Blueprint for Creating High Performance, Portable Java ME Applications
Level: In-depth
This presentation is focused on providing developers with the best practices and frameworks necessary for building high performance, highly portable Java ME applications.  Lau will share tips and tricks that developers can use to create applications that are optimized for resource-constrained devices, and provide insights into potential issues around the porting process, and the steps that can be taken to minimize problems.  Lau will use a 'blueprint' from a best-of-breed application to illustrate best practices that enable developers to spend less time porting and re-designing applications for different handset designs and mobile operator networks.

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