Anders Nilsson & Roger Henriksson
Speakers: Roger Henriksson, LTH
Roger Henriksson received his Ph.D. in 1998 on scheduling techniques
for memory management in hard real-time systems. He is an associate
professor at the Department of Computer Science, Lund University,
where he is an active researcher and teacher in the field of real-time
systems. His research interests include runtime systems with emphasis
on memory management, scheduling theory, and robotic systems.

Anders Nilsson, LTH
Anders Nilsson works as a researcher at the Department of Computer
Science, Lund University. He received his Ph.D. in computer science in
2006 on the topic of using Java as a programming language for small
and flexible embedded real-time systems. Before starting his doctoral
work, Anders spent 4 years in industry, 2 of which developing embedded
software for medical equipment. His research interests include
embedded real-time, object-orientation, and compiler development.

Seminar: Java based Real-Time
Level: Intermediate
There is a growing need for better programming languages to handle
the dramatically increasing software complexity in real-time
systems. Java is seen as an interesting programming language by many
real-time systems developers, and a lot of research and work have been
done during the last decade to adapt the Java environment to support
hard real-time demands.

Lund University has played an active role in the field of real-time
Java research for several years. Activities include development of
compilers and run-time systems as well as deployment of Java
technology in robot control systems, and aiding the introduction of
real-time memory management in the upcoming version of the Sun
Real-time Java System.

The seminar will present the Lund java-based real-time system (LJRT),
targeted towards smaller platforms and higher sampling rates than is
practically possible using the Sun Real-time Java System, real-time
memory management, and real-time Java in general.

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