Bruce Douglass
Speaker: Dr. Bruce Douglass, TeleLogic Inc, is the Chief Evangelist for Telelogic Systems and Software Modeling Division (formerly I-Logix), a leading object-oriented and structured systems design automation tool vendor for real-time and embedded systems domains. He has over 25 years experience designing safety-critical real-time applications in a variety of hard real-time environments.He is an advisory board member for the Embedded Systems Conference and the UML World Conference, and Software Development Magazine. Bruce is a well-known writer on these topics, having authored twelve books. He is a cochair for the Real-Time Analysis and Design Working Group in the OMG standards organization, focusing on the application of UML in real-time and embedded systems.
Seminar: Real-Time Design Patterns (Double session seminar)
Level: Intermediate
One of the most active areas in the research and practice of object-oriented systems development is in the identification and reification of design patterns. A design pattern is a generalized solution to a commonly-recurring problem. Although a number of books, as well as active newsgroups and websites, are available on the topic, little information is available for design patterns specific to the real-time embedded systems world. Real-time systems benefit as much as standard desktop systems, but many of the patterns are subtly different in their application. This class discusses architectural design patterns, which have widespread system ramifications. Many different patterns are presented along with the requirements for their effective application.
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