Johan Karlsson, Jayway AB
Speaker: Johan Karlsson, Jayway
Johan Karlsson is a Java developer working at Jayway. He has been developing Java since 1995,
when the first the first Java version was available. Since then he has been working with Java in very
different environments. The first Java assignment was to test a Java implementation in an embedded
system. The following years he worked with Java desktop client development. He was also
involved in the development of an expert system developed in Java EE. About a year ago he was
certified as a Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer. Ever since, he has been involved in
different Java ME projects.
Seminar: Unit Testing in Java ME the Easy Way
Level: Intermediate
Unit testing has become a invaluable tool for most desktop & enterprise Java developers today. Test
driven development easily become something that you cannot live without. A developer moving
from Java desktop and/or enterprise development into Java mobile development will almost certain
become disappointed. The standard Java unit testing frameworks are unavailable in Java ME, as
well as dynamic mock creation and code coverage tools. You will be presented with a solution that
gives you access to all your Java unit testing tools in Java ME.
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