Ulrik Balslev
Speaker: Ulrik Balslev, Breakoutimage A/S
Ulrik Balslev, CEO breakoutimage A/S. Ulrik Balslev is educated as Computer Scientist (Roskilde Universitets Center, Denmark) and has been working with spatial technologies for more than 10 years, covering GIS and RTLS.
Seminar: Precise and reliable Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) - location infrastructure for Pervasive Computing
Level: Introduction
Precise and reliable tracking of objects and person is recently made pratically and commercially possible through the use of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based positioning systems. A UWB location system vehicles a whole new range of applications of which many can be described as Pervasive Computing as it applies spatial sensing abilities to the computer. Within Pervasive Computing it often becomes a crucial issues where objects are. RTLS therefore becomes very important component of Pervasive Computing. The tremedous potiential for RTLS will be illustrated by application areas.  
Ubisense (Cambridge, UK) is one of the first companies that has succeeded in delivering industry location solutions on the UWB technology platform. The software and hardware architecture of Ubisense is described as well as case studies for production installations are presented.
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