Adam Skogman, Jayway AB
Speaker: Adam Skogman, Senior Java EE consultant, Jayway AB
Adam is a Java EE expert, specialized in lightweight development (using containers such as Spring), Java EE testing and agile development. He is often called upon to talk about Java technology - especially on testing and Java performance.

Among his engagements are two open-source projects. Adam is the lead of the open-source project "DDSteps" (www.ddsteps.orgexternal link, opens in new window), a data-driven extension to JUnit which enables you to separate test data from test code. DDSteps has become popular for integrating all the tools you need for end-to-end function testing of websites. Adam is also involved in the new Spring LDAP project.

Adam is an experienced international speaker, having appeared at conferences such as JAOO and JavaOne.

Seminar: Introduction to Spring
Level: Introduction

The Spring Framework is one of the most important and influential Java EE frameworks today. This talk gives an introduction to Spring and how you want apply it to your projects.

The core of Spring is a light-weight container. We´ll introduce the concepts of Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control. Using Spring, your code can finally be reusable and testable - and independent of Spring!

Spring has so much to offer that it´s important not to get overwhelmed.
We will look at how Spring integrates many different, often competing toolkits together in a consistent manner. Once you understand these few patterns and mechanisms, you will understand how almost all of Spring works. Bringing new Spring-enabled technology into your project will be easy and familiar.

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