Speaker: Geert Bevin, Uwyn
Geert is the CEO of Uwyn, a small custom application development company with a strong focus on Web applications, open-source, Java and rich internet technologies. He is the founder of the RIFE project which provides a full-stack Java Web application framework for quickly building maintainable applications with sustainable developer productivity. He also started or contributed to projects like Bla-bla List, OpenLaszlo, JHighlight, JavaPaste, Drone, Bamboo, Elephant, RelativeLayers, and Gentoo Linux.
Geert has spoken at TSSJS US & Europe, JavaOne, Java In Action, EuroOSCON, Fosdem and JavaPolis. He has recently been nominated and accepted as a Java Champion, mainly for his work on the RIFE project and its support for native Java continuations.
Seminar: Cutting-edge productivity with RIFE
Level: Introduction
RIFE is a full-stack, open-source Java web application framework, offering fast results with the promise of maintainability and code clarity. While many are attracted to RIFE for the productivity gains it offers, the framework actively tries to solve difficult problems with creative solutions that combine power and flexibility with comfortability.

RIFE has pioneered many novel ideas in Java web application development and we will go over a series of concise practical examples to demonstrate: RIFE's focus on developer comfortability with instant reloads and centralized declarations, native Java web continuations, metaprogramming through constraints and meta data merging, run-time POJO-driven CRUD generation, bi-directional logic- less templates, automatic content-aware components, and the integration of a content management framework.

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