Ivelin Ivanov
Speaker: Ivelin Ivanov, JBoss
Ivelin is a member of the JBoss core team and serves as Director of Product Development. His responsibilities include overseeing the development process, resources and unified product roadmap. Ivelin is community leader for Java.net Communicationsexternal link, opens in new window. He is also member of the JSR 240 Expert Group - JAIN SLEE 1.1 and founder of the open source implementation Mobicentsexternal link, opens in new window. Ivelin participates in the Eclipse initiative as memberexternal link, opens in new window of the WTP Requirements Committee. In the open source community Ivelin has contributed to JBoss, Apache Cocoon, jXPath, GNU QEXO, XMLForm and FreeBuilder IDE. Ivelin graduated with Master's of Computer Science at the university of Sofia. He is originally from Dobrich, Bulgaria.
Seminar: Voice Mail service over open protocols
Level: Intermediate
Skype, Vonage, FWD, Google Talk, MS Messanger, Y! Messenger are among the many free VoIP clients that are rapidly making open protocol VoIP pervasive. What naturally follows is a wave of new generation telephony services that anyone can start writing on their laptops as easy as web apps are written. If you would like to learn about Mobicents - an Open Source JSLEE server that you can built telephony applications on, this workshop is for you. We will go over the architecture of a practical example implementing a Voice Mail service over open protocols - SIP and RTP.
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