Jonas Bonér
Speaker: Jonas Bonér, Terracotta Inc.
Jonas Bonér is working at  Terracotta Inc. with a focus on strategy, product development & architecture and technical evangelism.
Terracotta's technology is clustering the JVM and its products deliver enterprise-class infrastructure services to applications transparently at runtime.

Prior to Terracotta, Jonas was part of the JRockit team at BEA Systems, where he was working on runtime tools, JVM support for AOP and technology evangelism.

He was the founder of the AspectWerkz AOP framework and has been a committer to the Eclipse AspectJ project and various other open source projects.

Jonas is a frequent speaker on AOP and other emerging technologies (e.g., JavaOne, TheServerSide Symposium, JAOO, JavaPolis, The Spring Experience, AOSD conferences etc.) and has written many industrial and academic articles on the subject.

Seminar: Distributed Computing Made Easy: How To Build a POJO-based Data Grid
Level: Intermediate
In this session you will learn how to build a highly scalable Data Grid using standard JDK 1.5 and POJOs.

We will discuss the Master/Worker pattern -- one of the most useful parallel programming design patterns in use today. You will learn about the identifying characteristics of the pattern and how best to use it in the real world.

It is a very practical, "hands-on" session in which we will present how to build the Master/Worker pattern using standard JDK 1.5, and how to turn it into a distributed Data Grid implementation by using Network-Attached Memory and JVM-level clustering. Following that, we will cover the production implications of operating and scaling a reliable work management framework and show how one can handle real-world requirements such as monitoring the status of the work, retry on failure, support for different routing policies etc.

Attendees will learn:
* How to identify cases where the Master/Worker pattern is the right solution
* How to build a distributed Master/Worker pattern with 100% POJO-based Java
* How to cluster the JVM and effectively use Network-Attached Memory

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