Björn Granvik
Speaker: Björn Granvik
CTO and Senior Java EE consultant, Jayway
Björn Granvik has 16 years of experience as a programmer and architect. Born in Pascal, fostered in C/C++ and reborn in Java, he still believes that “code matters".
He works on everything from gaming to enterprise systems, with small startups and major international corporations alike. Another passion, apart from programming, is his drive to share knowledge, which is evident from his record of lectures and articles.
He has given 30 plus seminars and lectures in both English and Swedish, all on various technical subjects in Java. Conferences range from java user groups like Javaforum and Javagruppen to events such as JAOO, Öredev and JavaOne.
Seminar: Self Reliant Systems
Level: Introduction
Today we programmers usually ship systems that basically contain the specified functionality - and just that. We do this by crafting the system using our favorite tools. These can be anything from your local IDE to your top ten prompt hacks. The common denominator is that they are all external to the functionality you are trying to deliver.
We cannot continue to do this. It will have the same result as it always has had - systems that needs the original programmer to tell if it is up and running or not, systems that are fragile and only verifiable on the programmer's PC, requirements that are lost in Word-land etc.
We must put the abilities these tools represent into your system and deliver it all, not just the source code. Make the acceptance tests automatic and runnable - in run time. Inject the requirements into your code and refactor them along with your code. Make the status of the system understandable by everyone - including your grandmother.
This session will introduce a new approach to how we can build our systems adding capabilities that are based on the notion of introspection. The approach will be highlighted with several examples - from the trivial but important, to the future and on the edge.
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