Dan Bergh Johnsson
Speaker: Dan Bergh Johnsson, programmer, system architect and consultant at Omegapoint AB, Sweden.
Since his time teaching at the computing science department at Uppsala University, Dan has been on a quest for the honour of the programming profession. Armed with unit testing, DDD, agile methods and other tools for high-quality system development, this quest has taken Dan through both consulting and teaching. He is also a recurring speaker at national and international conferences such as Colorado Software Summit, ExpertZone, SoftDev, and JavaZone.
Seminar: OO, DDD, and the Honour of the Programmers' Guild
Level: Introduction
The code we write and the system we build are not only a result of the technologies we use. They are also heavily affected by the way we think about programming.

In this slightly philosophical session Dan present some the ways he thinks about programming. We examine what it takes for object orientation to fulfil its promise to give us reusable code, and how refactoring is absolutely essential. We see how programs can be seen as simulations, why Domain Driven Design makes sense, and the importance of "code that mean something". And over all of it hovers the question whether programming is an honourable profession, or not.

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