Geert Bevin
Speaker: Geert Bevin, Uwyn
Geert is the CEO of Uwyn, a small custom application development company with a strong focus on Web applications, open-source, Java and rich internet technologies. He is the founder of the RIFE project which provides a full-stack Java Web application framework for quickly building maintainable applications with sustainable developer productivity. He also started or contributed to projects like Bla-bla List, OpenLaszlo, JHighlight, JavaPaste, Drone, Bamboo, Elephant, RelativeLayers, and Gentoo Linux.
Geert has spoken at TSSJS US & Europe, JavaOne, Java In Action, EuroOSCON, Fosdem and JavaPolis. He has recently been nominated and accepted as a Java Champion, mainly for his work on the RIFE project and its support for native Java continuations.
Seminar: Flow with continuations
Level: Introduction
Get back in control of the natural flow of your application.

Continuations leverage the expressiveness of Java for the creation of re-enterable execution points. This presentation explains what continuations are and why they are useful. The benefits quickly become apparent through side-by-side comparisons with traditional flow management. You'll get an overview of the different approaches of today's tools and will see that continuations are handy in many application domains.

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