Bertrand Meyer
Speaker: Görel Hedin, Lund University
Görel Hedin is an Associate Professor (docent) of computer science at Lund University, Sweden. She received a PhD from Lund University in 1992. Her research interests include object-oriented languages and systems, compilation technology, domain-specific languages, and agile methodologies. She has served on the program committees of many international workshops and conferences including ECOOP, CC, and LDTA. Her latest software system is JastAdd, an aspect-oriented compiler system supporting the implementation of extensible languages and tools.
Seminar; Introducing and Coaching Agile Method
Level: Introduction
How do you go about starting up the use of agile methods? Since 2002, we run courses based on agile development at Lund University. Running university projects can be related to starting up pilot projects in industry. I will talk about our experiences from introducing and coaching agile methods, what we think is most important, and why.
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